dvd printing dvd in bulk

DVD Replication

1000 fully packaged/retail-ready DVD-5's, with 5-color offset printed discs, packaged inside full-color amaray case & cellophane wrap.

dvdr duplicationdvd replication
dvd duplication bulk dvd

DVD Duplication

100 fully packaged/retail-ready DVD-R's, with black on silver discs (no sticky labels), packaged inside full-color DVD cases - ready in 5-days.

dvd5short run dvd

cd replication cd in bulk

CD Replication

1000 CD's in Jewel Cases, with full color discs, a 2-panel color outside/B&W inside insert, traycard, assembly & cellophane wrap - starting at $890.

dvd9cd replication
bluray replication blue ray duplication

Bluray Replication

1000 retail-ready BD25's. Includes all AACS fees - packaged inside a clear blu-ray style case, full color wrap, top spine label & cellophane wrap.

dvd packagingbd replication

PacificDisc reduces it's Blu-ray AACS fees by 60%

PacificDisc announced that the fees being charged to Blu-ray publishers for AACS Title Keys, per-disc royalty fees and AACS processing costs would be reduced by approx. 60%. The AACS Licensing Agency (AACS LA) released a new fee structure in their long-awaited "final" agreements - which makes entry into this exciting market more cost-effective. In fact, the cost for 2,500 retail-ready Blu-ray discs has now dropped to $6325 + a Content Providers License of $500/annum.

Read more about the changes in the final AACS agreements here. Check pricing and find other important Blu-ray replication & Blu-ray authoring information here

get startedWelcome to PacificDisc

At PacificDisc we understand the complex CD replication, DVD replication or Blu-ray replication processes and we make every effort to simplify things for you with your latest movie, documentary, instructional video, corporate piece or music project.

PacificDisc eliminates the confusing, and often misleading statements made about CD or DVD duplication found elsewhere online. Instead PacificDisc focuses their efforts on assisting the producer - especially if they are a first-timer. PacificDisc, a CD & DVD replication company, specializes in working with the smaller Independent Film Producer, Musician, Band or Corporate Client who may be new to disc replication.

We will deliver an honest and binding quote of our CD or DVD duplication services at the start of your project - with on-time delivery AND top-quality discs, always made in the USA. Money cannot purchase a better quality finished product.

Your CD duplication, DVD duplication or Blu-ray duplication project will be managed by qualified experts. Many company staff-members at PacificDisc have extensive production backgrounds (and don't get paid on commissions). Our industry knowledge and straightforward approach gives you the advice, guidance, and direction to expedite your Bluray, CD or DVD replication project from start to finish.

PacificDisc launches EcoDiscs


“Today is Earth Day, a day when we are all reminded of the truly fragile state of our planet, I am thrilled to be able to announce EcoDiscs. a new service specifically designed to offer our customers more ecologically sound choices for packaging their CDs and DVDs”, said Morris Anderson, President and co-founder of Pacificdisc. “We have started to offer wallets, sleeves, wraps and DigiPaks made from at least 20% recycled cardboard stock, vegatable-based inks and now offer the ability to offset the carbon footprint created during manufacturing with a partnership with Carbonfund.org" Read more.


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